December 12,2019


            #19   G.B. AND CHARLE

The locals had learned to write us off as G.B. and his strange Canadian painter lady. But any passing stranger would have had to stop and watch in wonder, as a man dressed in khakis, his mostly bald head covered by an old straw hat, (around which grew a cloud of curly white hair,) drove a chunky old loader while hollering, “Way'll! Damn Y’all Huff . . . MOVE!”

            It would have been difficult to decide what he was doing as he pushed and pulled levers, raking rocks about an unopened quarry. Just when one saw some logic to his actions he would swerve, back up and plunge Ol’ Huff over the edge of a ledge. The only possible purpose seemed to be to make the woman laugh. For astride the engine, hanging onto his shoulders, was a woman sitting on a huge, grimy gray cushion, riding and bouncing as though astride a galloping camel.

            Her laughter was as wild as her appearance. Bare feet bounced high above the rock and cactus covered ground. Waist length, flaming red hair flew out from under a wide white straw hat, itself almost totally covered by huge multicoloured silk flowers. And there was in the woman one last bloom of her beauty, brought forth by the joy of freedom, by the embrace of the desert and by the love of a wild old Okie boy.

Posted by Charlotte Madison at 12:09
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January, 2020
For over forty years, painting related totally to the American Southwest. It was people of the dry hot desert, solid mesas, cacti, stone and canyons that made my heart leap.

When I realized I would never see the desert again, I began a search for something to paint. Nana suggested, B.C, vineyards and took me to Penticton where I did one painting. Nana and Gary then began to take me on Mystery tours of the island and always included a vineyard. But they all were so green! So many leaves so many trees - I don't do trees and I rarely use green - dont really like looking at green, but I got started on a duty series not an inspired series.

I guess it was July or early August when we were driving home from a winery visit. I was grousing about painting the Festive Flying Grape series when Gary said "Start another series, you can work on more than one at a time."

For some reason those words triggered the words "I could paint the Island artists!" Nana and Gary agreed and it was the topic of conversation all the way home

For a while I was afraid I wouldn't get volunteers to pose but it is rolling and each one offers something special to inspire me. And it is lovely to feel all I am doing was sparked by Gary and like all I do, supported by Nana.

April Update 2012 Sixteen fine artists, many of national repute, have posed for Artists of Vancouver Island and many are booked or promised. There will be no poses after June 30,2012. When I have painted all twenty-five I will turn my thought to . . . what next?