'G.B. and the Strange Canadian Painter Lady.'
8 by 16 by 1 in.
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Year Created:2006
Description:G.B. gingerly stepped down from the trailer to the makeshift bed, wearing only his blue and white striped boxer shorts and a white undershirt. To reach the cobbled bed I had assembled, my eager husband and lover first had to walk barefoot in the darkness, across a small patch of gravel. He suffered as though he walked on hot coals, yet he was able to call out to me, "Y'all turn out the lights Sweetheart, the moon's a-comin'!" I hit the light and stepped out of the trailer. The sudden darkness blinded G.B. and he dove for the bed. My gaze followed his shirt and shorts as he hit the mattress, bounced and flew out of sight over the low stone retaining wall! I stood alone as the majestic moon rose and I heard a distant voice roar . . .
Artist's Comments: "G.B. and the Strange Canadian Painter Lady" is Book I of a trilogy of humourous true tales written by Charlotte Madison and Nana Cook - illustrated by Nana Cook.
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